QRP is a subgroup within amateur radio interested in using low powered transmitters and usually simple receivers, many times built by the operator, to communicate with other radio operators.

QRP-ARCI Home Page
 QRP Amateur Radio Club International (QRP-ARCI) - I am the past-President (1999-2001) of this 11,000 member club whose web page has a wealth of info on QRP.   If you have any questions or comments regarding QRP-ARCI, let me have a chance to help you. Send an E-MAIL. Oh yes, for info on a $25 "radio" you can build, a full Morse code transceiver, click here. 

Here I am on one of my QRP "outings" into the NC mountains near the town of Cashiers which is about 10 miles from where NC, SC, and GA come together.   My place is at the 3000' level but the mountains are about 5000' on both sides - the station is located in Sapphire Valley.  I'm using either the Small Wonders Labs DSW-40 or a ElecraftK1 (as pictured) and an Inverted Vee antenna at 25 feet center (see view from deck).  Best 40 meter "dx" on the DSW was WA0OUR in Sioux Falls, SD.  Power was 900 mw.   On the K1 in 2003, I worked 24 states during the week and my best DX was Utah.  In years past, I've worked Europe using the DSW-40.  Click on pictures for larger version.


North Georgia QRP Group (NoGaQRP) - Much of my time right now, outside of teaching and woodworking, is spent in the QRP (that's low power ham radio) field. I am heavily involved in promoting QRP through the club which covers Atlanta and all of North GA. If you would like info on that group, please send email by clicking here-->KO4WX

Roving in FL QSO party - age 37

Station in Roswell, GA - AGE: 66