Call me Jim or Quaker Oats. Licensed over 50 years, active in several clubs in Atlanta, GA. Graduate EE of Purdue (W9YB) and I'm also a "Beaver"- with arguably the oldest college amateur radio club- W1MX. Retired from Bellsouth in 1994.

 My biggest accomplishment in amateur radio is the thousands of friends  I've made around the world. I'd like to add you to that list if you  aren't already!

 I am the past President of the 15000 member - QRP ARCI - the  international QRP club promoting the construction and operation of low  powered amateur radio gear. The web site is: http://www.qrparci.org Check us out and join us!  I have been to 15 of 17 Four Days in May  events at Dayton.  In 2010, I was honored by being named to their QRP  Hall of Fame.  I hold several of their QRP Achievement Awards, and I'm  most proud of their 5 Band QRP DX award for 100 countries worked via QRP on each of 5 Bands.  I also achieved Worked All States QRP in their  2011 Golden Jubilee Challenge where operators in all 50 states used the  club callsign K6JSS.  I just love this QRP stuff!

 My local Atlanta clubs:

 I am past president of the fastest growing club in GA (maybe the US!) - the North Fulton ARL - awarded the Dayton Hamvention Club of the Year  for 2010: http://www.nfarl.org Currently at around 250 members, we were at 56 just 6 years ago with 8 to 10 at our meetings. Today we average 75. Join us!

 I am also a founding member of the NoGaQRP Club - the North Georgia QRP Club at: http://www.nogaqrp.org We are basically a bunch of tinkerers and our monthly meetings are all "show and tell" and last a couple hours!

 Past president of MATPARC - the Metro Atlanta Telephone Pioneer ARC: http://www.matparc.org, and trustee of the W4PME - 145.41 repeater.

 South East DX Club: http://www.sedxc.org, over 300 countries all time (220 QRP).

 South East Contest Club: http://secc.contesting.com/ Best finish - #2 USA WPX 2010 (QRP) - Check out the GA QSO Party - our 50th anniversary was in 2011! gqp.contesting.com

 After all these years, I still get that thrill when I make a contact  with you. As you can guess, I am an avid QRPer with DXCC QRP, 40M DXCC  QRP, 40M WAS QRP and Triple Play #338 all modes QRP (5 watts). I do like CW where I love my Begali Simplex Iambic most with the Kent Paddle  second (FISTS, SKCC, NAQCC) and there is little to compare to being on  Field Day at sunrise with all the station covered with dew and the  generators in the background, or when I work you using 400 mw to my 80M  loop . Check out my web at http://www.w4qo.com K4ZOL is my long suffering wife of 46 years. With her years of total  support, I was shocked and humbled to be named Dayton Hamvention Ham of  the Year 2010. Thank you Marilyn.

 My rigs are many - Elecraft K3, Yaesu FT-1000, Kenwood TS-940 plus a  dozen QRP rigs. I also enjoy old radios, with the most prized one being a BC-312 restored by my very good friend Mack, W4AX, formerly WB4MAK. My  antennas are an 80M horizontal loop at 75 feet, a 40M Extended Double  Zepp at 50', a 3/8 wave inverted L for 160M and a Cushcraft A4S  tribander at 60'.

 Enjoy just about all aspects of ham radio from DXing to homebrewing to  working with youngsters who want to know the thrill I get from ham  radio. My past calls include K(N)9MAF (Indiana-1958 to 1965),  W2CJC(NJ-1966 to 1972), WA4KKE(FL-1972 to 1976) and W4QO (1976 -  present). W4QO is NOT a vanity callsign!!!

 I am also a semi-professional woodworker - see http://www.byjimeny.com for that portion of my life.